Mobile App Development

A mobile application allows you to connect users to your company and, as a result, generates repeat sales and much more. Stay in close touch with your customers.

Mobile App Development

Creating mobile applications is becoming an increasingly popular niche. The mobile audience is constantly growing due to the increasing number of smartphones and tablets worldwide. Among the most popular app categories are:

  • Games
  • Business applications
  • Social networks and messengers
  • Photo and video editing apps

Mobile application development is a complex process that takes from 1 month to several years, depending on the project's complexity.


Android is a popular operating system for mobile gadgets: smartphones, tablets, watches, e-books, fitness bracelets, and other devices. In the Russian Federation, 73% of users prefer Android development according to Bloomberg's research. Therefore, creating an Android app allows reaching more users than Apple phone applications. This platform is mostly used by older people and teenagers.


iOS is a mobile operating system for gadgets launched in 2007. Initially, iOS development was intended for iPod and iPhone. Now the American company has mastered and continues to develop the platform for other devices: watches, glasses, fitness bracelets.

iOS app development allows reaching the most affluent users. In Russia, the share of gadgets on this platform is only 26%. They are mainly used by middle-aged people.

Mobile Applications in Action

More and more people are using mobile app development services. They have at least three decisive advantages that give them an edge over websites:

  • Convenience. Apps load content faster, provide better interaction, enable push notifications, and are flexible across different screen sizes.
  • Additional income. Connecting advertising services like AdMob allows earning income through showing ads to users of your app.
  • Personalization. For services that require systematic use, creating an account or keeping important information at hand, apps are the best option.
  • Offline functionality. Photo and video editing apps, some games, and other services can work without an internet connection.

Mobile app development is relevant for practically any sphere of activity, from small businesses to large companies like "Sberbank." To order an app, it is enough to describe in detail the tasks it should perform and some other details; the developers will take care of the rest. Creating apps is especially relevant for meeting specific business needs, interactive games, food delivery services, or workout apps to regularly track results.