Landing and Website Creation

A website is your business representation on the Internet. The success of advertising campaigns and the effectiveness of SEO promotion depend on how well the website is designed and thought out.

Landing and Website Creation

A website is one or several web pages united by a common theme, design, and domain name. Website development is a complex process. Not every newcomer can figure out exactly what kind of website is needed to fulfill its purpose to the maximum. There are several types of websites:

  • informational
  • online store
  • gaming portal
  • corporate
  • landing page
  • personal website
  • promotional website
  • forum
  • blog

Website creation includes several stages: design development, logo creation, content filling, promotion.

Corporate Website

Create a website from scratch of this type is recommended for all companies. The portal promptly displays data about products, brand, and promotional offers. Often, a complete product catalog can be found on the website. The ratio of textual content to graphical material is often 50/50. Creating a corporate website using corporate design, logo, corporate colors, and other nuances, creates a positive brand image.

Personal Website

Personal website, as the name suggests, should display information about the represented person. The data is often presented in concise blocks. Sometimes, one-page variants can be found, but more often web pages display brief information about the company, options for offered services, price list, contacts, etc. Don't underestimate such format, as a well-designed personal website can become an effective advertising tool for promoting the company's products and services.

Landing Page

Landing page is a small one-page website whose main purpose is to perform a target action that the user performs upon visiting it. The page usually contains detailed information about the offered product/service. Occasionally, such pages are used not for sales but for subscriptions, for example, to receive newsletters from the company. Ordering a landing page should be done only from competent specialists who can use catchy and bright details to capture the user's interest. If all the details are poorly thought out, increasing conversion will be problematic.

Online Store

Professional development of an online store allows it to become successful, as its main goal is sales. Just like with landing pages, creating online stores follows certain rules that should allow easy and fast ordering of selected products/services, with the option of online payment or ordering delivery. The portal must include a catalog of offered products, payment options, and the ability to contact customer support.

Websites and Landing Pages in Action

Some prefer to create a page or group on social networks instead of ordering a website, but a website has several clear advantages:

  • Independence. By opening a page on social networks, we all agree to their rules. Strict moderation can easily close any community. Often, this is done by competitors.
  • Uniqueness. Website designs allow you to give it uniqueness; groups and pages on social networks do not offer such freedom of action.
  • Longevity and SEO promotion. Posts on social networks live, at best, for a few days, while a well-promoted website can stay in the TOP for months.
  • Reliability for customers and trust from partners. A website is more trusted by Internet users.
  • Sales automation. Not all social networks can provide such a possibility.
  • Detailed analytics. The analytical system connected to the website provides much more detailed data than social networks statistics.

A web studio will not only help you choose the right format and create a website, but also take care of design and promotion.