Targeted Advertising

Advertising on social networks is an important traffic channel for any business. Start getting clients on the day of launching an advertising campaign. Increase brand awareness in your city.

What is Targeted Advertising?

Targeted advertising (from the English "target") is characterized by the ability to accurately adjust to the target audience: education, age, gender, interests, city, district, etc. This makes it possible to offer products and services to "cold" audiences that are not aware of your business, as opposed to contextual advertising (link) where the client, as a rule, is already looking for the offered service.

Targeted advertising on Instagram is especially effective now due to the popularity of this social network. But not many know that this social network belongs to the company Facebook and they have a unified advertising account. Instagram advertising will be effective with a well-tuned targeting parameters. It's the perfect option for any business.
The number of Facebook users has reached one-third of the world's population, so advertising on Facebook can be relevant for a large number of different offers. In Russia, this social network ranks 3rd in terms of the number of users, but the audience is mainly older and financially capable. Precise targeting by age, gender, and interests will allow you to identify the target audience with great efficiency. In Facebook advertising, there is a unique feature that allows you to display your products/services internationally due to the multitude of users from all over the world.
The peculiarity of advertising on VKontakte is the largest coverage of users from Russia and the CIS countries. Over 510 million potential buyers are registered, so thanks to precise tuning, you can determine the appropriate target audience. Advertising on VK is an effective promotion tool for any business aimed at the domestic consumer of various ages, interests, financial positions, and social status.

Targeted Advertising in Action

Properly setting up the target means getting profit from advertising. Among the advantages and features, the following can be noted:

  • Brings benefits to the consumer. The social network can recommend exactly what the user is looking for
  • Available even to small businesses. The cost of targeted advertising can start from 100-200 rubles
  • Quick launch. After creating an ad, it often takes 60 minutes for verification, and it will start appearing in the ad block
  • Subject to analysis. You can always adjust the settings if they are not effective
  • Works only for specific target audience
  • Works even without a website or a community in a social network
  • Provides measurable results. All information can be obtained in the form of graphs or tables

After a properly tuned targeted advertising, it will definitely give a tangible result in the form of potential customers. The options for business can be very diverse, thanks to the large coverage, interested users will definitely be found.