CRM Integration

Allows you to track the customer's journey from contact to closing the deal. Evaluate the efficiency of your managers, identify weak points in the sales funnel. Get detailed statistics about your business.

What are CRM Systems?

CRM system - Customer Relationship Management. CRM integration allows you to automate processes for effective communication with customers, avoiding shortcomings. As a result, sales growth increases. There are many different systems ("Megaplan", amoCRM, Bpm'online sales, Microsoft Dynamics CRM), but Bitrix 24 is considered the most effective.

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 setup will allow you to get a full-fledged corporate product suitable for market giants, startups, and small businesses. Among the main features, you can note: customer database management, time management for employees, financial and document work, task and project management. Bitrix24 implementation will effectively replace the internal corporate network.


1C implementation allows you to get a ready-to-use portal with configured services and functions with ready-made functionality for most popular tasks, taking into account the requirements and features of the company. Any user can place data and manage the site without the need for lengthy training. 1C setup allows efficient work in 3 main directions: collaborative work, communication, corporate culture.

CRM Systems in Action

Skillful CRM integration allows you to control every stage of the sales process and identify weaknesses. Automation enables interaction between the customer and the manager through notifications. Tracking each customer allows identifying the most promising marketing channels, which increases profit. Each customer receives assistance at every stage, increasing their loyalty and quantity. Thanks to automatic data analysis, you can get information about the shortcomings of managers or entire departments and address them in the future.

Bitrix 24 integration will be the optimal solution when choosing a management system. The system will be relevant for any type of business, regardless of its size. Quick training and a high level of security make this software product the best among competitors.